Back from the Boundary Waters

     Thanks to an exceptional Voyageur Crew Josh and I were able to get away for three nights in the BWCA.  On Monday afternoon we paddled west from American Point as another set of 2 canoes sailed past us heading east.  With a tarp rigged as a sail they were making good speed while Josh and I heading into the wind weren’t fairing quite as well.  We did however make it to a campsite and get the tent set up before it started to rain.  That’s always a good thing.

     It stormed Monday night and rained off and on all of Tuesday.  It didn’t matter to us since we had books, Yahtzee, Farkel and each other to keep each other happy and entertained.  We also swam during a down pour and watched a loon waddle up to a nest.  We were able to get out and fish during one of the episodes of intermittent sunshine, we didn’t catch anything but it was a pretty paddle nonetheless.

     Wednesday was a gorgeous sunny day and we took advantage of it.  We portaged into Swamp Lake, Ashdick and walked the portage into Ester.  We fished, swam, had lunch at a campsite and paddled the perimeter of each lake.  I guess I should say I paddled the perimeter of each lake while Josh trolled a lure.  The most remarkable lure of the trip caught not one bass but two bass at the same time!  Have you ever heard of such a thing?  We hadn’t and we’re certain Rebel lures will want to use this photo for promotional purposes!

Fishing lure Success in the BWCA