August Weather Review

     After listening to many people say how hot August was I decided to look into it.  I found out that the average high temperature was 73.45 degrees, the average low was 53 degrees and the average temperature was 63.27 degrees.  Our Gunflint Weather Guy keeps track of this data and has records online for the past 10 years.  The warmest average temperature was back in 2001 with a temperature of 67.68 degrees.  The coldest average was in 2004 and more than 10 degrees colder at 55.21 degrees.  Normal averages for August are high of 65.7 degrees, low of 43.9 degrees and precipitation of 3.8" of rain.  We only received 1.85" of rain this August and everyone thought this was very low, but in 1997 we got even less, only a mere 1.60" of rain.  The most rain we received was in August of 1999 when almost 5" fell, 4.96" to be exact.  

     In last week’s Cook County News-Herald I read an article from Dave Anderson, Northland’s NewsCenter meteorologist.  He gave a weather forecast for the entire month of September so I thought I would share it with you here. 

For our northern hemisphere, summer will be with us a few more weeks and the warm temperatures may linger briefly but things should come up cooler than normal by mid month.  For September 2006, average temperatures should come up 4 degrees short.  Rain should finally become more plentiful and go perhaps an inch over normal.  From the first to the eight, it should actually be warmer than normal and late season storms will be possible.  The ninth to the 15th should stay warm but become dryer.  The 16th to the 24th should be cool with showers possible.  The 25th on should be dry and cool.  By the 30th, though a taste of Indian Summer should come around for at least a little while and make things warm.

     I’m not sure if he’s going out on much of a limb and I don’t think I would plan a trip around his dates, but who knows, maybe I’ll be surprised!