Attack of the killer Grouse?

Now here is a very strange animal encounter that was told to me from a very reliable source.  It seems that a young woman went for a hike last June and encountered a mamma grouse with her chicks following close behind.  Most of us know that you never want to get between a mother and her children but when I think of getting between a grouse and her chicks I’ve never had the fear of death cross my mind.  I’ll admit I have been hiking and had a mother grouse scold me and flap her wings at me, but that was the extent of her warning.  Well, the mother grouse that this woman encountered was extremely protective of her young.  The grouse started to approach this woman, scolding and flapping her wings and the woman thought it was kind of cute for such a small bird to think it could fight off a human.  But when the grouse came at her with claws bared and wings flapping she thought twice.  She tried to run away but the grouse just kept coming at her and before she could beat it off with a stick the grouse had clawed away a good amount of skin on her forearms.  WOW.  I have never heard of such a thing and I hope if you ever encounter a grouse with its young you’ll remember this story and run the other way.