Are There Degrees of Guilty?

     I’m glad this blip from the Minnesota Energy Challenge didn’t contain my statistics for plastic bottles of Diet Coke! If only you could get Diet Coke from a faucet for the same price as water. I’d have a never empty Nalgene bottle in my hand at all times.

     Do you do your part by using a re-fillable water bottle?  If not then it’s a good time to start. We’ve got water bottles for sale, just give us a call and we can send one to you!

Outrageous Bottled Water Facts
At the Minnesota Energy Challenge, we love recycling as much as the next person. Yet, what is even better than recycling- is not having to at all! Here are a couple crazy facts about bottled water that I was inspired to share will you.
1. Bottled water can cost 1000x that of tap water, .02¢ vs. $1-10 per gallon. (source)
2. About 85 million bottles of water are consumed in the U. S. every day. (source)
3. Producing the plastic for the bottles of water we consume each year uses about 17 million barrels of oil. – enough to fuel 1 million American cars for a year! This also produces 2.5 million tons of CO2. (source)
4. The processing involved to make bottled water uses 3 liters of water to produce just 1 liter of water. (source)
5. A study by the Environmental Working Group found that 10 popular bottled water brands had an average of 8 different chemicals in the water. What do they recommend to drink? Simply filtered tap water!
Want to kick your bottled water habit? Start slowly and aim to use a reusable water bottled at least once a week instead of bottled, and increase from there. If you are a fan of filtered tap water, a great first step would be to invest in a faucet water filter or water bottle with filter insert.

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