Arctic Blast? You Betcha

Just as the forecasters predicted an arctic blast of freezing cold air arrived and settled in. The temperature on the Gunflint Trail didn’t get above zero degrees all day long and the wind chill factor was -20 to -30 degrees below zero. It was a stark contrast from yesterday’s temperature in the 20’s.

When there’s a new coating of snow on the ground noise seems to be absorbed. It’s eerily quiet and if soft was a sound that’s how I would describe it.  When it’s below zero degrees everything sounds crisp and staccato like. Boots crunch on the frozen ground and a crust like layer protects the softer snow below.

The forecast calls for the arctic like weather to continue at least until Sunday. Until then our high temperatures aren’t expected to get above -5 degrees and our low temperatures are predicted to be in the negative teens. It will be nice when the temperature gets into the double digits above zero again, until then, we’ll be keeping the fireplace stoked with wood.

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