April Moon

     Tonight is the full moon of April.  As with all other months there are many names for the full moon of April and my favorite names are the ones that have something to do with the ice breaking up.  The following are a few of the other names for the April Moon.

  • Sugar Maker
  • Flower
  • Grass
  • Pink
  • Egg
  • Seed
  • Broken Snowshoe
  • Frog

     The "Ice Breaking in the River Moon" best describes what happens at Voyageur in April;  The Seagull River begins to thaw and the ice breaks up in front of our lodge.  We don’t have very many Maple Trees at the end of the Trail so we aren’t making sugar, grass doesn’t grow well on rock so it is usually non-existent and flowers haven’t started to bloom because the ground has barely had a chance to thaw.   So we’ll go along with the name the Northern Arapaho gave to April and call our moon the "Ice Breaking in the River Moon."