Anxious Feeling

     Since it looks and feels like spring around here I’m feeling a bit anxious.  Normally we have snow cover this time of the year and I can’t see all of the garbage that needs to be picked up or all of the chainsaw work that needs to be done.  The unusual weather is making me think the paddling season is right around the corner and we’re by no means ready for it.

     The lodge becomes a storage room of sorts during the winter.  All of our winter clothing, ice fishing gear, winter camping stuff, cross-country skis, snowmobile helmets and snowshoes are temporarily stored there.  A number of other things end up there and right now it looks like something puked up pink; all of the Mush for a Cure stuff is currently being stored there.  If we had to serve breakfast tomorrow morning then we’d be in trouble.

     I feel like I’m behind since I haven’t placed my clothing and souvenir orders yet.  I know there is still plenty of time to get the orders in and shipped here but the lack of snow is really throwing me for a loop. 

     There are still a ton of inside projects I want to finish before the season arrives.  With the weather so nice I feel myself wanting to neglect those projects in favor of going outside to work.  When it’s warm outside you can comfortably work up in outfitting too.  So many things to work on and so little time to work.

     We’re still wrapping things up for Mush for a Cure and the Ham Run Half Marathon is just over a month away.  Last year I was concerned about the snow melting off of the Campground Loop in time.  I thought I might have to plow it out before the race but this year it’s already completely free of snow.  That too is making me freak out just a little bit.

     And then there’s the Voyageur Crew for the summer.  Chelsea will be staying, Andy, Adam and Tessa returning but we’re still looking for a few special people to work up here this summer.  Will we get more applications? I’m sure we will, it just seems like the season is upon us.

     I don’t like this anxious feeling so I am going to try my best to shake it.  It puts too much pressure on me and then I can’t seem to get anything done.  We still have plenty of time before we open and I just need to keep reminding myself it’s only March.