Another Winter Day in Paradise

     The sky is blue, the ground is white and the birds are busy at the feeder on this -10 degree morning.  We knew the temperature was dropping yesterday when the deck let out a Cr-RACK last night as the built up ice on the deck protested the cold.   The -10 to -20 below windchill will keep me inside for awhile this morning until the temperature warms up.

     It’s only supposed to get into the low twenties today and there’s a good chance for 1-3" of snow.  With the sky clear and blue it’s difficult to imagine snow on the way but we shall see.  The weather won’t deter the ice anglers we have staying with us this weekend.  They’ve been enjoying their time ice fishing on Saganaga.  Mike’s group didn’t bring home any lake trout last night but they had a good time.

     According to the children of a friend of mine the snowmobile trail is in good shape. They came up from Gunflint Lake and reported the trail had been groomed and they had a very nice ride.  They also had caught a lake trout on Gunflint Lake yesterday morning. 

     Tomorrow I’ll be down at Gunflint Pines for the Middle School Exploratory Day.  Abby could choose to go downhill skiing at Lutsen, work with horses at Okontoe, do something close to town or go to Gunflint Pines to ice fish or cross-country ski.  She chose to go to Gunflint Pines to cross-country ski.  My daughter never ceases to surprise me.  I have to beg her to go skiing with me but then she chooses to do it why?  "Because it will be alot more fun then when just you and I go Mom."

     We shall see about that tomorrow.