Another Ten Bites the Dust

Happiness is checking things off of your Bucket List. I was able to check 10 things off of my list the other day. Ten miles off of my “Hike the Superior Hiking Trail” Bucket List item.  I have less than 40 miles to go and then I will have hiked the trail from Castle Danger to the end of the trail near the Canadian Border.

The weather was beautiful, the sunshine hot and  fall colors amazing.  The only bad thing was there were people crowded at the trailheads to get the same glimpse of the spectacular fall scenery we were after.

We hiked from Oberg Mountain to Carlton Peak and then the Temperance River.  I had forgotten how awesome Temperance is and the area around Carlton Peak.  If you’re in the area then this is a great section of trail to hike, especially in the Fall.

Fall on the SHT
Superior Hiking Trail Fall Colors
Superior Hiking Trail
Fall Colors on the North Shore
Superior Hiking Trail
View from Carlton Peak
Falls on the Superior Hiking Trail
Temperance River Falls

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