Another Sign Summer is Near

You know summer is approaching when the call goes out to local property owners that it’s time to order your trees again.  Every year, for I don’t know how many years, Hedstrom’s Lumber Company in Grand Marais, Minnesota has given away tree seedlings.  Each property owner can get up to 200 free seedlings including White Pine and Red Pine, my favorites.

We pick the tree seedlings up at the beginning of May and then attempt to get them all planted.  Luckily we have the help of a great Voyageur Crew because in our neck of the woods planting trees isn’t easy work. Where there is soil to be found it isn’t very deep. It takes a long time just to find a good spot to place the seedling but it’s so rewarding when you do.

It’s equally rewarding to look at a section of our property that had burned in 2007 during the Ham Lake Fire and see thriving pine trees courtesy of Hedstrom’s Lumber Company.

Thank you Hedstroms!

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