Another Childhood Memory

     "This place smells so gross! Do we have to go to another stupid show?" I’m not sure what year that was but I do know my sister or I said those things while visiting Sea World over  20+ years ago.  I also remember my Mom crying sometime shortly after those words were uttered out of my inconsiderate mouth.  I remember feeling badly afterward and thinking it was all my fault for being a brat.

     I’m happy to say yesterday’s Sea World experience did not result in any tears whatsoever.  My children were perfect angels who enthusiastically ran from show to show and exhibit to exhibit.  They told me what fish did what and why since they know everything thanks to the Blue Planet DVD’s we bought foe them.  Josh even knew why flamingos are pink, do you?  It’s because their diet consists primarily of shrimp, go figure. 

     They were so excited to see all of the different marine animals.  From whales to otters and dolphins to penguins they were tuned in to their surroundings.  What a great place for all of us to learn new things. 

     The one thing I learned yesterday that will stay with me for years is that I have two very good kids.  And even if my mom wasn’t proud of my behavior all of those years ago I’m pretty sure she’d be proud of me and her grandkids if she could have seen us yesterday.