Another Athlete Claims Retirement

     When Brett Favre retired he didn’t stay retired, thank goodness for that.  Mark Black may not be quite as famous as Brett Favre but to those in the mushing world he’s somewhat of a legend.  Mark has participated in fifteen Beargrease Marathons and was the winner in 1995.  This year Mark has said, will be his last time competing in the Beargrease Marathon.

     What I wonder is if he doesn’t win this year then will he run the marathon again?  For his wife Mary’s sake I hope not as she has had her fill of being Mark’s handler for the race.  The wilderness of the Beargrease doesn’t provide much in the way of creature comforts for the mushers or handlers in the race.  This is why my family, including Big Bertha may get involved in this final run.

     Long ago Mike mentioned how nice it would be to have an RV at the rest stops for Mark and Mary.  Mary jumped at the idea and so if the weather and roads cooperate Big Bertha might just help Mark Black win his final Beargrease. 

     It’s a thrill to be involved in the great sport of dog mushing.  You can be a part of it too, just check out Mary’s blog to find out how.  While Mark might be done with the Beargrease Marathon he isn’t done with other races or the Mush for a Cure.  Be sure to cheer him on during the Beargrease and come on up and see him at this year’s Mush for a Cure, he’s quite easy to pick out of a crowd.