Annual Snowmobile Trip

     Last year we weren’t able to go on our annual snowmobile trip but this year we’re going again.  Four couples will snowmobile about 400 miles around the Quetico Park.  We’ll start and end our trip at our place on Saganaga Lake and spend four days riding.

     While I normally prefer silent sports I do enjoy the amount of territory you can cover on a snowmobile.  There’s some great scenery on the route and we usually see wildlife too. You would think the wildlife would be scared away but I’ve seen deer, lynx, moose and wolves while snowmobiling. 

     Packing light is the key as you can’t carry too much stuff on the back of your snowmobile and it’s impossible to pull a sled and keep up with everyone.  Not that I could keep up with them anyway, but I certainly couldn’t do it pulling a sled.

     I’m hoping for a successful trip with no breakdowns, injuries or other mishaps along the way.