Animal Encounters

     The animals are out and about on the Gunflint Trail.  They are always around but yesterday was a good animal encounter day.

     Yesterday morning after dropping the kids off at the bus I went for a walk.  The experts are saying the grouse are down this year but I would have a hard time believing it from the number I saw yesterday.  There were several grouse in the woods, ducks on the lake, an eagle in a tree and a loon flying overhead. 

     When Bob was out on a tow in the afternoon he saw something swimming in the water.  He thought it looked too big to be a loon and as he got closer he could see it was a bear.  It was a small cub and the mom was no where to be seen.  The bus driver reported seeing a moose in the pond and Mike saw a wolf on the road yesterday too. 

     Come on up the Trail and have some Animal Encounters of your own.  We have openings in our cabins this weekend and the forecast looks great for camping in the canoe country.