And then it was Spring

When the temperature gets up into the 40’s in Northern Minnesota it makes everyone believe Spring is here. As people watch the snow melt and bare earth appear their brains start to imagine winter is over.  Thoughts of raking and playing ball outside enter minds and everyone is lulled into a fantasy world where flowers begin to bloom in April.

Then it snows. The ground is white once again.  The temperature dips into the single digits and all hope is lost.  But the melt begins again and all of the happy thoughts of warm weather surface again. Then it snows and the ground is white once again.  It’s like the movie “Groundhog Day” or hitting rewind on a VCR, if you know what that is.

Over and over again the pattern repeats until one day it really is Spring and the flowers really do begin to bloom. It will happen, but not as soon as some folks would like. Until then we’ll all enjoy the warm sunshine on our faces and the smell of Spring in the air.

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