An epic battle on the Gunflint Trail

There’s a battle going on between winter and spring on the Gunflint Trail. I wish I could say spring is winning but winter still has the upper hand. The ice on the lakes is thick, the snowbanks are high and the temperatures are still unseasonably cold. When the sun shines it is warm but unfortunately we haven’t seen too much of it in recent days or weeks. I’m hoping spring will begin to fight a little bit harder because we are excited to get our paddles back into the liquid lakes.

The good news is the wildlife is out in full force. I took a walk around the neighborhood and saw a few grouse, a bald eagle and a moose. A wolf has also been hanging around and a guest took a video of it. I don’t think it is exhibiting normal behavior as most of the time they don’t hang around vehicles. I’m not sure what is causing this behavior but it is highly possibly this wolf is going stir crazy with this long lasting winter.