An “A-ha” Moment

     The snow buntings arrived what feels like forever ago and they are still here.  Normally they arrive and are here for a week or two and then they head farther south.  It finally hit me why they are still here after arriving over a month ago.  The snow buntings stay in our area until there is too much snow cover on the ground and we don’t have any snow yet.  "A-ha!"  Or should I say, "Duh…."

     It’s funny how things that should be obvious sometimes elude a person.  A person can’t not notice the snow buntings since they hang out on the road and right alongside in the ditches.  They linger on the road up until the last possible second and even sometimes after the last possible second.  It’s difficult not to hit one each migration season and if I had to guess most people probably eliminate a half of a dozen.  I tend to honk the horn, slow down and sometimes even swerve to avoid them.  I know I am not suppose to swerve but the traffic on the Gunflint Trail this time of the year is so minimal and when there’s no traffic and no ice I figure I’m pretty safe to swerve.  

     Rugby has noticed the snow buntings more than ever this year.  They tend to annoy him with their "I’m not going to fly until you almost eat me" attitude.  He pursues them like he does grouse but the snow buntings are much easier for him to see since they aren’t as well camouflaged as a grouse. 

     I imagine the days of the snow bunting sightings on the Gunflint Trail this fall are nearing to an end.  I’m not sure if anyone keeps track of when they arrive and when they leave each year, but I would venture to guess this is the longest they have taken up residence here in a long time.  Just one of those things you wish you would have been paying more attention to along life’s journey.  Take time to enjoy all of life’s "A-ha" moments.