Amazing Nature

     The grass in the ditches is so green and plush it is hard to believe a fire could have reduced it to ash less than a month ago.  Where the earth was just black and barren a fresh green carpet has emerged.  It is truly an amazing process the forest goes through after a wildfire. 

<%image(20070526-bluebeadsm.jpg|200|275|blue bead lily)%>

   As I have been out walking I have noticed just how quickly nature takes action after a wildfire.  Out of the ashes emerge tons of new green each day.  There are blue bead lilies, fiddlehead ferns, and many other new plants;  some of these are already over a foot tall.

<%image(20070526-plantsm.jpg|200|133|New Growth)%>

     Guests that have arrived for the Memorial Weekend have been pleasantly surprised at the appearance of the end of the Gunflint Trail.  They have made comments like, "It isn’t as bad as I thought it would be."  I believe this is because of all of the new green that has sprouted up since the fire started on May 5, 2007.   

<%image(20070526-fiddlesm.jpg|150|225|fiddlehead fern)%>

    It truly is amazing what nature can do.  The re-growth of the forest is something we will be able to see and experience first hand because we live here.  I never get tired of saying how lucky we feel to live in such a wonderful place.