Almost Finished

     Some of you may remember a recent post about how hot it got up in my bedroom.  Well, thanks to Bob things have cooled off considerably and I was actually cold this morning.  Bob Morrisson has been working on insulating our stairwell and putting up tongue and groove to finish it off and it sure made a difference. 

     The project began long ago and it seems odd that it’s almost finished now.  I’m not good with years but I think we started building our lodge in the fall of 1997.  For awhile we just had a rickety ladder leading up to our bedroom loft that we would have to carefully crawl up and down.  That was replaced by a spiral staircase and some partial walls were stubbed in about a year later.  It remained that way for quite some time until we thought about insulating it a couple of years ago.  Don worked on that project and would add a piece of insulation every so often but it just never got finished.

     In comes Bob Morrisson a friend from town and yep, you guessed it, it’s almost finished.  He got the door all shimmied in, filled all of the spaces with insulation and had almost run the tongue and groove to the ceiling and then he ran out of boards!  How frustrating for both him and me.  I couldn’t believe he didn’t rip some tongue and groove from walls elsewhere in the place just to get it finished.  He actually quit working at 7:10 pm after having worked all day, oh so close to being finished.

     I can’t believe the difference it makes up in our bedroom.  Between the door and walls being almost finished and the outside temperature being 20 below zero last night my bedroom was actually cold!  What a wonderful, simple thing that makes me so happy.  Bob won’t be back up until after the weekend and I have a feeling it will be the first thing on his list to get this project finished so I’ll keep you posted on his progress and let you know when the project has been completed, ten years, 3 months, and how many days later?