All is Calm

     That’s a lie.  While the wind may not be blowing right now I for one am not calm.  It’s one of those days with too many things to do and too many places to be and only one of me.  It’s a good thing we have an incredible crew to take care of everyone at Voyageur while I flit about here and there.

     It’s the Rendezvous Day for the Canoe the Heart Expedition at Chik-Wauk.  We’re set up and ready for the paddlers to arrive in their big canoe.  The kids are excited to dress like Voyageurs, ride in the big canoe and play Voyageur Games.  I’m looking forward to learning more about the Voyageurs as well as the presentations that will take place inside Chik-Wauk. 

     Festivities begin at 11am today and will last until 2pm.  The paddlers should arrive right around noon as scheduled.  Janice, the Cache Bay Ranger, told us the crew had made it to Cache Bay yesterday afternoon.  With the calm waters and blue sky things should go according to plan and the boat will arrive at Chik-Wauk around noon.

      While all may not be calm, the lake finally is. And that for today will just have to do.