Adopt A Dog

     We have an adopted dog from Black Magic Kennels.  Some of you may remember our dog Zena had puppies last year and as adopted parents we were given the responsibility of naming them.  We named them after hiking trails on the Gunflint Trail.  Zena has done it again and we had the priviledge of naming three more puppies. 


   The kids and I discussed different name options.  I liked Mark’s Angels since they were all girls and I liked Charlies Angel’s as a girl; Jill, Kelly and Sabrina.  The kids didn’t know what I was talking about so they weren’t real thrilled.  We tossed around some other ideas and came up with flowers.  Two of the girls are white and one is dark so we named them, Daisy, Lily and Rose.  We like the names and now we can’t wait to meet the puppies.

     Adopting a sled dog is great fun.  The kids love calling Zena theirs and they love to receive letters from her throughout the year.  We watch her status on the sled dog team and like to cheer for her in races.  If you’re looking for a great gift idea then I suggest adopting a sled dog or two.