A Walk in the Woods

     Yesterday was another gorgeous day to be on the Gunflint Trail.  The sun shone brightly all day long and the temperature soared above 40 degrees.  Mike’s family has been up visiting for the Thanksgiving weekend and yesterday we decided to take a walk in the woods.  Everyone has a different idea of what a walk in the woods should be.

     Abby cringes when she hears the word "hike."  I don’t know why the idea of taking a walk in the woods  doesn’t appeal to her but whenever I ask her if she wants to go, the answer is always, "NO." 

      Josh doesn’t care where he is as long as he can move and keep moving.  A hike to him means more places to run and a great way to have fun. 

     My sister-in-law and her "friend" didn’t really care where we went or how long we would stay as long as there was the possibility of shooting at a grouse along the way.

     My mother-in-law and father-in-law were fine wherever we went as long as we were all together and could talk.  A visit is a visit and a walk is a walk.

     Mike doesn’t exactly enjoy walking in the woods unless he is in pursuit of big game, but he’s the oldest so he’ll do whatever just the same. 

     Then there is me.  I can’t get enough of the woods and the longer the hike the better.   I had a particular hike in mind so we drove down to Loon Lake and started out on the Crab Lake Trail.  The spur trail is about 2.5-3 miles in length and is well-maintained by locals until it enters into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.  Then the Trail starts to get a little more rugged but before long you get to the Border Route Trail.  At the intersection of the Border Route Trail you’re just a mile and a half from Bridal Veil Falls, a spectacular waterfall that cascades from Crab Lake into Gunflint Lake.  

<%image(20061125-runningboys.jpg|250|166|Photo by Steve Ramberg)%>

     I love to visit the falls often as it is different during every season.  In the spring there is so much water it is amazing and truly looks like a bride’s veil.  In the summer everything is green and looks like a tropical rain forest with water misting everywhere.  In the winter large forms of ice cover the flowing water and snow muffles the sound of water flowing below.  Yesterday there wasn’t much more than a trickle of water cascading over the rocks but there were icicles forming everywhere.  It is an enchanting place to visit and I encourage you to experience it the next time you are on the Gunflint Trail.   

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    We all enjoyed our walk in the woods to Bridal Veil Falls, probably each of us for our own reason.  Maybe it was the birds flying from tree to tree, singing their songs as they swooped through the sky.  Perhaps it was the adventure of crossing streams, climbing over trees, or exploring the waterfall.  Was it the quiet moment when Grandma held Abby’s hand?  Was it Uncle Steve running wild in the woods and then hiding in the brush to try to scare Josh?  Could it have been the thrill of Aunt Jessie shooting a grouse or Uncle Scott teaching Josh about gun safety?  Time to connect with nature and each other without distractions.  Taking in the scent of the leaves on the forest floor.  To each of us it was a different experience but to all of us it was the same walk in the woods.