A Time to Snowshoe

     For everything there is a time and today it’s time to snowshoe with Josh’s class at school.  Around 11 today I’ll start my journey down the Gunflint Trail to Grand Marais so I can go snowshoeing around 12:30.  I drive the trail very slowly in the winter especially when it’s snow covered which it happens to be currently.  There are too many obstacles to avoid like birds, squirrels and moose down on their haunches licking the salt off of the road.

     There’s a nice patch of woods behind Cook County school and it’s a perfect learning environment.  The kids have gone back there to look for tracks, leaves, scat and all sorts of other things.  Today the 4th Grade class will be snowshoeing for physical education and tomorrow Abby’s class goes so I’ll probably accompany them as well.  It’s always fun to watch kids learn how to snowshoe and see them enjoying the life long winter activity.

     Hopefully after two days of snowshoeing my blisters will be healed enough so it will be a time to cross-country ski again.  This goal I set of skiing 200 kilometers of different trails for the Volkski has motivated me to get it done.  Funny how that works, kind of like setting New Year’s Resolutions.

     How about those New Year’s Resolutions I set for you awhile back?  Is it a time to follow through on them yet?  I know you’re not supposed to set goals for others, but just in case you forgot what they were…

 The first resolution I want you to make is to comment positively on Voyageur Canoe Outfitters Trip Advisor page in January.  This is a concrete, realistic resolution that everyone can hold you accountable for because if you don’t do it then we’ll all know.  Maybe you’ve only used one of our canoes for a day. If it was in good shape then let others know.

     Why should you make this resolution? Because it is doing something nice for someone else and it will result in you feeling good.  Believe me, I’ve written reviews and it always makes me feel better knowing I might be helping a small business make it in these tough economic times.  Competition is stiff and Trip Advisor is a popular place for people planning vacations to look for suggestions. 

The second resolution I want you to make is to visit Voyageur Canoe Outfitters in 2011.  As a loyal blog reader you are important to me and I’d love for you to visit us this year.  Maybe it’s just a drive up from Grand Marais to pop in and say,  "Hello."  It could be for a winter vacation, a summer canoe trip or a fall cabin stay it really doesn’t matter to me what you do once you get here it’s just making the committment and following through with it that matters. 

     I hope you’ll make time to snowshoe, cross-country ski and follow through on the resolutions I made for you!