A Rugby Snack

     Rugby is our dog who is quite small.  He pretends to be tough when we let him outside as he barks and chases whatever it is he thinks he smells.  Sometimes he’s back at the door and ready to be let in right away and other times he’s out there for what seems like forever.  I had never really worried about it until I received a phone call from a neighbor the other day.

     They were sleeping peacefully when they heard a loud noise.  It was 3 in the morning when they turned their lights on and walked toward the noise on their deck.  When they looked outside they saw two wolves had cornered a dog and were scuffling.  When the animals heard the noise they were startled and ran off.  In the morning they went outside to investigate and followed a trail of blood but never found anything.  They called me to find out if I knew anyone who was missing a dog and told me their strange tale.

     I have no clue whose dog that could have been.  All I know for sure is I better keep a closer tab on Rugby or he will become the wolves next snack.