A Night To Remember

     I have to admit I’m getting kind of caught up in this Pink Prom idea for Mush for a Cure.  I have found myself all over the internet searching for murals, tiaras, robes and decorations.  I had no clue there was so much out there for High School Proms.  I guess my high school didn’t have a very big budget because I don’t remember any of our dances looking as elaborate as those on the websites.

     The perfectionism bone in my body makes me want everything to be perfect.  Balloons, pillars, archways, disco balls and more fill my imaginative mind with pictures of pink grandeur.  Reality or Mike reminds me this really isn’t a high school prom and we don’t have a $1000.00 budget to work with.  Just blow up some balloons, hang a backdrop and you’re good to go for the photo spot.

     What about the tiara for the Prom Queen?  There are $3.00 ones from Oriental Trading or $300.00 ones with real gemstones and everything in between.  1 inch high or 3 inches high, how does one decide?  A crown, cape or scepter for the king?  So many things to consider when you’re planning a Prom!

     I’m just hoping I’ll get an invitation from someone so I won’t have to spend the entire evening at the punch bowl.  Oh wait, I still need a punch bowl, anyone have one I can borrow?  Or maybe a fountain?  Wouldn’t that be cool with pink punch flowing over the sides and twinkling lights around the base and…