A Long Day

     Today I had to get up at o’dark thirty even with Daylight Saving Time.  I made an appointment for Abby to get her teeth looked at because her mouth was starting to resemble a shark’s mouth with rows of teeth.  She had a couple of fangs growing where they shouldn’t have been and a baby tooth that wouldn’t come out, a snagglepuss is what I called her.  

     The appointment wasn’t until 9:15 am but we had to leave our house at 5:30am to make it to the dentist on time.  There is a dentist in Grand Marais and when we first moved here we went to see the local dentist.  He since moved his practice to Cloquet but we like Dr. Gunnelson so much we decided to continue to see him even though it means a 3 1/2 hour drive, each way.  Abby got her teeth cleaned and a tooth pulled today so it was a worthwhile trip.

     As long as we had to be down there I decided to make a hair appointment.  I’ve seen the same stylist since we’ve lived up here.  She’s in Duluth, MN, only 3 hours from our house.  There are stylists in Grand Marais but I just found Melissa at Younkers and haven’t had a reason to switch.  

     With all of the errands in between appointments we didn’t get home until o’dark thirty.  We saw the sun and moon rise on Lake Superior, a fun but long day.