A Great Organization

How does that song go? “I wish I knew then what I know now?” Either that or I wish I was young again and could do some do-overs. If I could then I would look into working with the Minnesota Conservation Corp. They have so many neat volunteer and employment opportunities to choose from.

In 2013, Conservation Corps engaged 594 young people in work all over Minnesota, Iowa, surrounding states and as far away as Alaska! Highlights of their accomplishments include:

  • Built and improved more than 700 miles of trail
  • Restored 24,520 acres of natural habitat through prescribed burning
  • Served 27,980 hours on disaster response deployments (Superstorm Sandy, Oklahoma tornado, Alaska flood)
  • Planted 135,432 trees and plants
  • Received more than 52,000 hours of personal development and technical skills training
  • Engaged 12,600 people in environmental education
  • Led 2,949 volunteers in 15,546 hours of service

More than 90% of program participants report having more self-confidence and improved leadership skills, and they are better prepared for their next job, according to a post-program survey. With hundreds of new alumni added each year, the Corps continues its growing and lasting legacy of restored resources and changed lives.

I probably wouldn’t have been interested in doing anything of the sort as a teenager but I forward the email newsletters to my daughter just in case.¬† At least she can’t say she had no idea the opportunity existed as a kid like I can.

Oh and funny when I looked up the song I found it was from “Without a Paddle” a hilarious paddling comedy. Enjoy the tune!

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