A Funny Thing Happened

We’ve been having troubles with a refrigerator throughout the year. By trouble I mean the refrigerator portion decides not to keep things cool any longer and all of the food in it spoils.  You would think after the second, third or fourth time this happened we would have bought a new refrigerator but we didn’t. We kept having the appliance person over to check it out, tried to troubleshoot it ourselves and finally after the last time it quit working I decided to buy a new refrigerator.

Here’s something you might not know about me, I do not like to spend full price on anything.  I think it has something to do with the fact I don’t believe I am worth full price and that’s why I only shop the clearance or sale rack but the same is true for appliances. I think they are so overpriced and I just hate to spend money. I do like to look at things on online auctions because there you can find good sales and deals and not pay full price.

I found an auction that had a washing machine, a dryer and a very nice refrigerator and since we could use all of those I started bidding.  Of course someone bid over me on both the dryer and the washer and I had to re-bid a few times and actually didn’t “win” the dryer. My bid for the refrigerator never got bid over once and I “won” it. It was sometime mid-auction when I began to wonder how big the refrigerator was and how big the space I was going to put the refrigerator was.

I talked to Mike and he said I should measure the width when I determined the refrigerator width was 36″.  The space to put the refrigerator into was just around 35″ but there was a board we could “easily” remove to get the refrigerator in and it wouldn’t hang out into the walkway.  We thought we were good.

When the refrigerator arrived we saw it was a big beast. Mike and two friends wrestled it up the stairs and into the kitchen only to find out not only was it too wide it was also too tall!  That meant having to remove two cupboards that normally sat above my old refrigerator.  And of course removing those cupboards means there’s a little bit of work to do in order to get the wall behind the refrigerator presentable again.

Is there a lesson to be learned in all of this? Will I do things differently next time? Yes, No, Maybe So.


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