A Better Day

     The temperature didn’t get as cold as they predicted last night.  Our low at the end of the Gunflint Trail was around 36 degrees and the morning was gorgeous.  The sun was just peeking out behind some clouds as I made my way home from dropping the kids off at the bus stop this morning.  It shone on the trees and burned trees like an orange spotlight illuminating a watercolor painting.  It was breathtakingly beautiful and the day has just gotten better and better.

     The winds calmed down and Saganaga was safe for travel once again.  Our group was anxious to be picked up as they only had a box of pop tarts and four pancakes to eat all day yesterday.  After calling their wives to reassure them of their safety they ordered a Sven and Oles pizza to be ready upon their arrival in town.  They were happy to be out of the wind and weather and will have a story to talk about for years to come.