80 Degree Day on the Gunflint Trail

Yesterday’s temperature soared up to 80 degrees and it was wonderful. I can’t remember a Memorial Weekend where we have had such beautiful weather.  The lake has been calm, the sun shining and the temperature warm.  An added bonus to this terrific weather is the lack of bugs. I haven’t been bitten by anything yet and I really haven’t seen any bugs.  To make things even better our guests paddling the BWCA and staying at Voyageur are catching fish!

It’s been an amazing weekend made even better by the awesome Voyageur Crew. We’ve got a wonderful crew hired by Tony and Hannah this winter and they are just waiting to serve you. They are enthusiastic, energetic and fun to be around and I can’t wait for you to meet them. Hopefully you have a trip planned for the summer or are in the process of planning one. It’s going to be a great summer and we want to make sure you make it even better by visiting us at Voyageur.

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