72 Degrees and Sunny

Today we welcomed back the sunshine. It had been absent the past few days and we were missing it. It was a beautiful blue sky day that has a way of making everything feel right.

Everything except for the water temperature that is. The rain and cooler temperatures have made the water cool off a bit. Instead of the balmy 72 degree surface temperature it’s more like 62 degrees. It’s still warm enough for swimming but the chill stays with you a little while longer after you leave the water. I like to swim in the river but I must admit I’m not a big fan of cold water. I hope for sunshine and warm temperatures to keep the water temperature in the 60’s for as long as possible.

I also just hope for sunshine and warm temperatures in general. I’m not ready to wear sweatshirts and long pants yet. My daughter on the other hand embraces the cooler temperatures as was evident at a football scrimmage the other day.

Neither of us checked the weather before we left home. I chose to wear a tank top with shorts and a pair of sandals. She wore a sweatshirt, long pants and her mukluks. We were quite the pair and quite the opposite.  The temperature was in the 60’s so we were both pretty comfortable sitting in the sunshine each wearing the clothing we hoped the weather would reflect.

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