-14 Below Zero isn’t THAT Cold

     Last night we were invited over to a friend’s cabin for dinner. The neat thing about this is they live on Gull Lake and their cabin is only accessible by water or in the winter, by ice.  In the summer we boat or canoe over and in the winter we snowshoe, ski, snowmobile or walk.  We took the snowmobiles over but I decided to walk home.

     The moon was out and the stars were shining brightly.  The snow on the lake and river reflected the light of the moon and it was very easy to see where to go.  It’s always a treat to look up into the night sky and see the big dipper and Orion.

     There wasn’t any wind blowing and the walk was actually quite nice. It was super quiet except for the crunch of my boots in the snow. I was dressed warmly and the only part of me that felt the cold were my nostrils. It’s a strange feeling to have your nostril hairs freeze and your eyelashes ice up. 

     When you’re dressed for the cold weather -14 below zero isn’t that cold and a walk by the light of the moon is always a treat.