You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

     But like Bon Jovi says in one of my favorite tunes, "She’s gonna get ya."  In this case I am the she and I will find you.  You know who you are, so don’t play not-smart with me.

     I’m involved with the Grand Marais Campus PTA and we’re on a mission.  We want to raise money so we can put an indoor horizontal climbing wall in the gym at school.  This would give kids something to do on rainy and cold days when they can’t go outside for gym or recess.  It would also introduce them to a non-competitive physical activity they can participate in throughout their life. 

     We are selling raffle tickets and we have some incredible prizes.  The first of which is a 3-day completely outfitted canoe trip and a brand new Wenonah Canoe provided by, yep, you guessed it, Voyageur Canoe Outfitters.  There are only 400 tickets to sell and the investment is a mere $25.00. 

     The second place prize(or I consider it 2nd place, I think it’s 3rd on the list by value) is a 3 night stay in the campground or a camper cabin at Gunflint Pines Resort and a day of guided fishing.  Oh what I would give for a day with an expert angler and a dinner of fresh walleye or trout.

     There are other awesome prizes as well.  A 2-night stay at Caribou Highlands right by Lutsen Ski Hill, a 2-night stay in a jacuzzi suite at Grand Superior Lodge on Lake Superior, a $250 gift card at the Lake Superior Tradng Post in Grand Marais, a $200. bond from Grand Marais State Bank and there are more prizes to add.  You don’t have to be present to win and the drawing will be held on March 12th at the E.A.T.S. event. 

       There are plenty of places to purchase these tickets around Grand Marais or you can call or e-mail me.   In Grand Marais My Sister’s Place has them for sale as well as the Java Moose, Holiday Station, Lake Superior Trading Post and Elementary School Office.  There are many individuals selling these tickets around town too.  Chances are someone will ask you to purchase one so you may as well go get yours today. 

     I will see the names of the people who purchased the tickets on the portion of the ticket we get to keep for the drawing.  I will know if you haven’t bought yours yet.  You can run but you can’t hide because I know where you live. 

Thank you for your support!