You Ask and Voyageur Delivers

     Located at the end of the Gunflint Trail Voyageur has several advantages over other like businesses.  Unlike BWCA outfitters located in downtown Ely, Minnesota we don’t have many cheap and convenient dining options for our groups. For years we’ve heard our guests ask, "Can’t you serve dinner here?"

     We weren’t quick to answer with a "Yes." We’ve suggested people eat in Grand Marais at our favorite place, "My Sister’s Place" to avoid the long waits at Trail Center mid-Gunflint Trail. We’ve sent people to the Trail’s End Cafe but some people were looking for more than burgers and pizza.  Other folks would drive 10 miles back down to Gunflint but didn’t like having to leave once they had finally arrived at their destination.

     While we weren’t quick to make the decision the decision has been made and this year we are having limited dining service at Voyageur. There is just one seating each night and guests are served homestyle meals of the same entree and sides.  We’ve had prime rib, chicken, lasagna and some very tasty side dishes served so far.

     If you’re interested in dining at Voyageur then please email or give us a call 1-888-CANOEIT, we’d love to have you join us.  Reservations are necessary and guests who have trips reserved with Voyageur will receive information in the form of an email invitation prior to their trip.

     We’re dedicated to fulfilling our guests wishes and needs. If there’s a menu item you’d like to see or some other service you’d like us to offer then please let us know. We want to please you, our special guest.

Voyageur Dining Service