World Wide Web

I was chatting with a guest the other day and he told me he had found us on the web years ago. We then began talking about how things have changed over the years with the birth of internet.  I recalled sitting at the Chicago Sport and Travel Show listening to a guest tell me he wanted to make us a web page. We had no clue what a web page was or what benefit there would be to having one. It made absolutely no sense to me and I couldn’t figure out how we could get business from having a web site on the world wide web. But the guy was persistent and was willing to create it for free so we had ourselves a website shortly thereafter.

It’s almost hard to remember how we got business before internet.  Sitting behind booths at Sport Shows, advertising in the Yellow Pages of the phone book and other print ads were the normal marketing strategies.  Now days marketing and internet are treated as one, and it seems if you are marketing then you are doing the majority of it online.

My how things have changed in a relatively short amount of time. I wonder what changes we’ll see in the future?

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