Wonderful Weekend Weather and Wildlife

  WOW!  What a great weekend we had at the end of the Gunflint Trail.  The temperatures were warm, the sun was shining and the wildlife encounters were numerous.

     Mike’s family, his cousin Sheri and our neighbor’s the Brown’s on Gull Lake all reported seeing various wildlife throughout the weekend.  It started Friday with the normal whitetail deer on our mound in the morning and the moose on the road on the way to pick Josh up after school.  Mike also saw a timberwolf on our road who was not at all intimidated by our vehicle and just sauntered around the back side of it and made his way down our neighbor’s driveway.  It eventually went out on the Seagull River and onto Gull Lake where Diane Brown saw it walking across the ice. 

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   The wildlife traffic didn’t let up on Saturday.  Mike’s parents woke up to a deer in their yard, Sheri spotted two moose while on her walk and Diane Brown got a picture of a moose on our road.  That evening when Mike took Rugby outside he broke free from his leash in pursuit of a red fox.  I’m not sure what he planned to do if he caught it, but he returned not too long after so I guess it wasn’t an issue. 

     We are lucky to live on the Gunflint Trail.  This weekend’s wonderful weather and abundant wildlife just reminded us how fortunate we are.