Wonderful Weather

     I can’t believe I am saying an all day rain is wonderful weather.  It’s even more difficult for me to imagine looking at a forecast that calls for rain the entire week and into the Memorial Weekend a great forecast.  It’s crazy to admit I enjoyed driving in the pouring rain yesterday but  knowing it was helping to control the Ham Lake Fire was the reason for my euphoria.

<%image(20070521-sagfiresm.jpg|300|225|Saganaga )%>

     The forecast looks perfect for those who are anxious to get out into the Boundary Waters.  With this rain things have cooled down and the BWCA has opened up.  There are plenty of places to get out and paddle and camp in the wilderness and there are plenty of permits available as well.    

  There are many entry points to choose from in areas that were not affected by the Ham Lake Fire.  Most places where fire has occured are not charred moonscapes but areas with different degrees of fire behavior.  It’s very interesting to see and only enhances the wilderness adventure.    

<%image(20070521-woodssm.jpg|200|150|Mosaic Burn Pattern)%>

We look forward to business as usual on the Gunflint Trail this summer and can’t wait to see you all at Voyageur.