Wolf Sightings at Voyageur and the Gunflint Trail

It seems like the wolf population is thriving on the Gunflint Trail right now. We have seen wolves on the Gunflint and in the Boundary Waters in the past but it’s usually just a fleeting glimpse and they are off running into the woods for cover.

Numerous sightings have been reported and Clay from Voyageur took a video where the wolves appear almost tame. We sure hope no one is feeding them on the road as we would hate to see them get ran over or attack someone who surprises them. We drove upon them two hours later in the same spot and they were not afraid of us in the least.

Another encounter was when Clay was down by the river shoveling snow away from the gas pump when he heard some growling. He looked up to see Bosley dog squaring off with a lone wolf on the frozen Seagull River. At least we think it was a lone wolf. Matt yelled for Bosley to return indoors and the wolf nonchalantly meandered away.

Walking back and forth to the cabin at night this past weekend I did wonder if the wolf was watching me but it hasn’t been spotted nearby since the river encounter a week ago.