Wish I Was In the BWCA

     Visitors to the BWCA the past week have been treated to some beautiful weather. The sun has been shining, the wind has been calm and the temperatures warm.  The water has warmed up enough to be able to stay in for a longer swim and the fishing has been pretty good too.

     It’s always fun to see past Voyageur Crew members back up on canoe trips.  This week we had two previous crew members you may remember.  Andrew Spaeth who was part of the Hudson Bay Expedition last year and Jeremy Howard who is now a firefighter in the Twin Cities. It’s great to know their love of the Boundary Waters remains strong. 

     Scheduled to return to Voyageur for a visit are two other past Voyageur Crew members. We’re looking forward to seeing Teri Eicher and Jessica Montgomery. I’m sure more will be up for a visit as the summer goes on.

     With all of this nice weather and previous crew members out in the BWCA it is really making me wish I too, was in the BWCA.