Wish I Could Do That

     What a wonderful opportunity to lend a helping hand. I’d love to save a moose and I would have had a hard time not bringing it home with me to raise as a pet!  See more photos here.

moose calf

Moose bonds with canoeist after rescue

Posted: Jun 14, 2012 3:50 PM ET

Last Updated: Jun 14, 2012 4:36 PM ET

A pair of veteran canoeists did whatever it took to save a pair of wild animals recently.

About two weeks ago Bonnie Couchie and Gord Martin found two baby moose struggling in a strong current on the Black River in northern Ontario.

Couchie said Martin guided the larger calf to shore. The smaller one couldn’t make it, however, so it clambered into the canoe.

“He seemed quite comfortable in the canoe,” Couchie said. “It could’ve been really bad, but it wasn’t. This moose seemed almost grateful to be in the canoe.”

And the moose seemed to bond with its rescuer.

"I watched as Gord comforted this moose and wrung all the water out of its fur and then rubbed his ears,” Couchie said. “And just before my eyes I’m looking at this moose, looking at Gord and Gord’s looking at this moose. And it … absolutely warmed my heart."

Martin led the calf back to the tree line, where his sibling was. However, the moose turned and followed Martin like a dog, all the way back to the water. Martin and Couchie had to paddle away quickly.

"[The incident] was so funny because I’ve heard Gord say so many times … that his fantasy pet was a moose,” Couchie said.

The pair run an outdoor guiding company out of Pic River First Nation.