Winter Lake Trout Opener in the Boundary Waters and Elsewhere

Did you know Lake Trout fishing within the Boundary Waters opened on Saturday, January 3rd? I totally missed it. I can never keep the winter fishing seasons straight since they separate the BWCA from the regular Minnesota lake trout ice fishing season and it is different than the Canadian Lake Trout opener which is different on some border waters and in the Quetico Park. Too many openings and too little memory to keep them all straight.

I’ve compiled what I believe to be the fishing openers for this winter season. I could be wrong so don’t go out fishing until you check on the dates yourself. Saganaga and Gunflint could possibly be different since they are border waters but I don’t know for sure, so please, please, please, correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Ice fishing for Lake Trout outside of the Boundary Waters opens on January 17th, 2015
  • Ice fishing for Lake Trout in Quetico Park opened January 1st, 2015
  • Ice fishing for Lake Trout in Ontario(including Saganaga) February 1st, 2015

No matter which opener or country you choose to fish in I hope you get out this winter. It is such a great experience to be out on a frozen lake jigging for a fish. It can be so peaceful and quiet out there especially in the BWCA where no snowmobiles are allowed.

Good luck fishing and figuring out the opener!

Winter on the Gunflint Trail
Boundary Waters fishing fun



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