Wind, Winter and Water

     The good news is there are people who read my blog.  Thanks for all of the comments after yesterday’s blog.  I really wasn’t expecting that but it was nice to see.

     The wind is howling outside of the window on this white and snowy morning.  Ten mile per hour steady winds with up to 21 mile per hour gusts makes it sound like it would be freezing cold outside but it’s 27 degrees outside already.  Freezing drizzle and 3-5 inches of snow later this afternoon are in the Winter Weather Advisory for today. Yes, winter is here to stay.

     With things slowing down a bit I finally had a chance to watch a video a guest of ours put together after his numerous trips into the Quetico Park.  I must agree his music is so much nicer to listen to than the clips I find on YouTube to accompany my videos.  If you have a little extra time then sit back and take a journey through the Quetico Park with Jack.