Wildlife Watching on the Gunflint Trail

I have found the secret to viewing wildlife on the Gunflint Trail. All I have to do is leave my camera and phone at home and I’ll see plenty of wildlife. Just the other day I spotted a cow moose and her calf in a pond. Not too long after seeing the moose friends of mine came up the Gunflint Trail to visit. One of them had never seen a moose so we took a drive to see if the moose were still there. They had left but nearby a black bear was busy eating berries. That’s twice now I’ve seen moose and a bear on the same day!

Guests of Voyageur have been spotting plenty of wildlife too. Moose, bear, grouse, loons, eagles and our neighborhood cross fox too. Come on up and visit us at Voyageur but leave your cameras at home.

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