Why Tow? Why Not?

     Saganaga is a beautiful Boundary Waters lake and it is now ice free.  Thank goodness since today is not only Mike’s birthday but also the first tow of the year at Voyageur.  The season has officially begun and we couldn’t be happier. 

     While a tow boat ride isn’t necessary to cross Saganaga it sure can be nice.  If the wind isn’t blowing and you’re planning to set up a basecamp on Sag you can certainly take the time to paddle to your BWCA campsite.  However, if you’re short on time or the wind is blowing it’s nice to get a little farther into the wilderness a little bit faster. 

     A tow can save you valuable paddling time.  If there are waves or the weather is bad it’s nice to not have to spend hours struggling to get somewhere on a lake where motor boats are allowed.  It saves your energy and you can relax and take in all of the beauty surrounding you during the tow boat ride. 

     For trips ending on Saganaga Lake we like to set up a safety pick up time.  What this means is if you aren’t back to our dock by a designated time set by you then we come out to a set point to pick you up.  Maybe there was bad weather or really good fishing and you didn’t get as early of a start as you wanted but you still have to be home by a certain time.  This is when a safety pick up comes in handy.  We’ll pick you up and you’ll still be right on schedule.

     If you’re heading to the Quetico Park you’ll most likely want a tow boat ride so you can spend all of your time paddling in the Quetico.  Wherever you’re going on Saganga we can help you get there faster, just set up a tow and we’ll do the rest.