Why To Use a BWCA Canoe Trip Outfitter

There are so many reasons to use a BWCA canoe trip outfitter for your wilderness canoe trip. The biggest reason most people are happy for the services of a canoe outfitter is they don’t have to clean the gear when they are done with their canoe trip. At Voyageur Canoe Outfitters our guests just get the gear to our outfitting building and we do all of the unpacking and cleaning of the gear. Of course there are many other reasons to use a Boundary Waters outfitter, especially one with over 20 years of experience like we have.

  • We know the routes and can help you plan a BWCA trip that will be right for your group.
  • We know the portages and can help you find the best ones and avoid the not so good ones.
  • We know the lakes and what their topography and scenery is like so you’ll be in an area you want to be in.
  • We know the BWCA fishing spots and can put you on the right lakes with the right fish to help you have a more successful BWCA fishing trip.
  • We know the Boundary Waters campsites and which ones see less use than others.

All of the knowledge a BWCA canoe trip outfitter has can make the difference between a good wilderness canoe trip and an incredible trip. That along with the fact there aren’t too many folks who enjoy digging out all of their miscellaneous camping gear, packing it up, purchasing new equipment and hauling it up to the BWCA. Even if there are a few people who enjoy packing for a Boundary Waters Canoe trip I would imagine there are very few of them who want to deal with the soggy, dirty gear after their canoe trip. And to those who don’t mind either of those aspects then more power to them and they can still have the convenience of picking up their permit, bait and last minute essentials at Voyageur.


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