Who’s that Pretty Girl at Voyageur?

     It could be any of our Voyageur Crew but today I’m referring to the one with the million dollar smile and billion dollar heart, Tessa Olson. If you’ve been to Voyageur in the past four years then you know which one she is.  She’s always smiling, friendly as can be and everyone loves her.  This is Tessa’s fourth year at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters and we’ve enjoyed having her very much.

     Tessa’s favorite thing to do while working is to help guests plan their canoe trip route. She is really good at routing them since when she’s not working she’s paddling.  She’s done a number of trips including numerous ones all by herself.  She’s solo canoe tripped into Seagull, Saganaga, Ester, Knife, Long Island and Little Sag to name a few.  Over the years she’s had lots of time to take canoe trips but she can’t decide which lake is her favorite. She likes Mora and Cherry but still has more lakes to explore in order to make an educated decision.

     If Tessa isn’t paddling then she likes to hike and loves to pick blueberries.  She’s originally from Montgomery, Minnesota and just graduated from the University of Minnesota in Duluth with a major in International and Environmental Studies.

     When she leaves later this month she won’t be going too far away. She’s spending the winter as a Graduate Student Naturalist at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center.  We’re happy she isn’t moving too far away and with her time ending at Wolf Ridge next June who knows? We might just be lucky enough to have Tessa as part of the Crew for another summer.

Tessa Olson