Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

     Rugby’s friend Shadow who lives with the Bakers at Gunflint Pines is afraid of a wolf.  It may not be too big or too bad, but it’s a wolf with mange that has been visiting them frequently. 

     Bob’s parents have a house with a view of the lodge(along with the lake, Canada & everything else).  Yesterday they happened to be looking out through their picture window and noticed Shadow running around the outside of the lodge.  When they looked more closely they realized why she was running and what she was running from.  The mangy wolf was in pursuit and when Shadow darted into the entryway of their resort the wolf paused briefly.

     This pause allowed the Senior Bakers time enough to drive down to the lodge and scare the wolf away.  Shadow was in the far corner of the entryway barking up a storm I’m sure.  Would the wolf dared to have entered the hallway had the Bakers not come to the rescue?  That’s a good question.

     The mangy wolf has been seen in broad daylight numerous times by numerous folks.  He travels alone and doesnt look like he’s been eating too well.  His fur coat doesn’t look like it offers him much protection from the fierce cold either. 

      I feel sorry for the poor guy and wonder if there is a way to help him?  I don’t want him bothering people or pets but what can be done to protect them? If you have an idea then please share.