Who Knew?

They say you learn something new every day but as an overachiever I learn way more than one thing each day. Yesterday was the Winter Misery Index and today is the Red Bull TV Channel.  I actually don’t know if this channel exists on TV but they call it a TV channel and it can be found on the web.

Red Bull TV is your exclusive wingman to the best seats at spectacular sporting and culture experiences worldwide – all without having to leave your location or put down your mobile phone.

It’s 3 p.m. and you’re chained to your desk. You’ve refreshed your Facebook page 100 times, and your Twitter followers know every song you’ve listened to today.  Lucky for you, there’s a fresh escape. No airline ticket required to drop into a club in the Caribbean, a party in Brazil, or a surfing expedition in the South Pacific.


  • Attention deficit card-carriers: choose to view an hour-long rolling block of clips from all sorts of playgrounds – surf, snow, break dancing and lots more – that’s refreshed daily. Just go to the home page, and your experience begins, serving up bits and pieces from sports and lifestyle on a global scale.
  • Concentrated on a destination? For the type A in all of us, Red Bull TV offers you content on-demand. Watch full episodes from our most popular television series. Jump onto Robbie Maddison’s two-wheel machine for an entire hour during the Red Bull X-Fighters in Egypt. Pull on your banana hammock and go cliff diving with Orlando Duque in Rapa Nui, Easter Island. The choice is yours, when you want it, wherever you want.


I found Red Bull TV on the web and was mesmerized by the first episode I watched about kayaking in Mexico. I’m not an adventure kayaker and I didn’t know there was good whitewater in Mexico either.  What I saw on this episode made me wish I were an adventure kayaker without a family.  I sometimes think thrill seekers must believe they are invincible and have a bit of a death wish. In any case, this video has gorgeous scenery and great paddling.  I can’t wait for the 2nd episode found on Red Bull TV.

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