White Christmas

     If you are looking for a White Christmas then come on up to the Gunflint Trail or Lutsen.  The Gunflint Trail has most of the cross-country ski trails packed but not tracked yet.  The sleigh rides at Okontoe are going and there’s plenty of snow for sledding and snowshoeing.  In spite of the lack of a substantial snowfall Lutsen Mountain has been open for downhill skiing since Thanksgiving.  While the rest of the state remains brown the mountains are white with snow.

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     The snow making machines have been running full tilt for the past month at Lutsen.  Not all of the runs are open but there are enough to choose from for people of all abilities.  Our kids have enjoyed practicing their skills on Ullr and the weather has been awesome.   Of course we could always use more snow but we consider ourselves lucky to have any at this point. 

<%image(20061220-makingsnowsm.jpg|100|150|Lutsen Mountain)%>

     So, if you need snow to make it feel like Christmas, or winter for that matter, then come on up and visit us on the Gunflint Trail.