Where Are You Hiking Today?

     According to a site with a day for everything November 17th is Take a Hike Day.  The American Hiking Society doesn’t appear to be celebrating it but it doesn’t mean you can’t. 

     The wind is howling and the temperature is in the 20’s and I still wish I was hiking.  There’s a skiff of snow on the ground and that makes hiking all the more fun.  With a fresh snowfall you can see the tracks of all sorts of animals and birds.  

     I like to look at tracks in the snow even when they are my own.  When I take Rugby for a walk on his leash our tracks look like a perpetual dollar sign with only one line.  My trail is straight while his snakes S like from one side of my track to the other in pursuit of good smells.

     This morning John noticed some tracks at Voyageur.  Fox tracks were obvious and at the end of our driveway he saw a pair of wolf tracks.  I saw a wolf yesterday on my drive to Grand Marais but it was farther down the Trail.  

     Any day is a great day for a hike so take advantage of "Take a Hike Day"  and get out there!

Snow on the Gunflint Trail